CoursEval is an industry-leading evaluation solution used by higher education institutions and preparatory schools mainly for promotion and tenure, end-of-term evaluations, and improving teaching effectiveness in the classroom. Despite its name, CoursEval is widely popular among users for non-course surveys including student elections, administrator evaluations, staff surveys, campus services surveys, athletic teams for both player and coach performance, and attendee feedback at various higher education conferences.

Its integration with a variety of LMS makes CoursEval a powerful partner providing seamless accessibility to the faculty and student portal. We are also ADA compliant and mobile-ready, so evaluations and reports can be viewed anytime and on any device.

CoursEval's robust reports are configurable, render in real-time, and may be deployed to users at your command and based upon their role in the system. The data is owned by you and can even be pushed to a built-in Data Warehouse for serious analysis.

Most of our features and improvements are client-driven, so we welcome regular feedback from our users to make CoursEval an integral solution well-suited for the business of evaluations.

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