ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting Integration

The ReadSpeaker Brightspace EHL Integration is the result of collaboration between D2L and ReadSpeaker to increase access to ReadSpeaker technology amongst the D2L client base. ReadSpeaker can be integrated across the Brightspace platform, or on a course-by-course basis. The solution can be used to read aloud both HTML content and online documents.

The ReadSpeaker BrightspaceL EHL Integration:

  • Automatically enables the online text-to-speech technology provided by ReadSpeaker for locally stored Learning Environment HTML Content.
  • Allows all users to hear their local HTML course content and documents spoken aloud while seeing highlighting of the spoken text using only their internet browser.
  • Allows all users to download their content as an MP3 for playback offline.
  • Allows all users to highlight and playback a subset of the content.
  • Allows for configurable voices and languages (based on ReadSpeaker license agreements)

Statistics indicate a large number of learners can benefit from consuming content in multiple ways. The automated support for having content spoken aloud is a tremendous accessibility benefit; assisting users that have reading disabilities, are new to a language, or that simply learn better by listening.

Prior to the introduction of the integration, D2L clients were still able to leverage ReadSpeaker technologies within their course content. However, the process was very tedious and manual as the Instructor or Instructional Designer was responsible for adding HTML code to each page to add the "Listen" Button and ReadSpeaker configuration such as voices.

  • The integration saves hours of time adding this functionality in manually
  • The integration removes the active effort of enabling the text-to-speech technology, which increases the audience without additional effort by the content creator.
  • The integration adds the text to speech consistently throughout the system, without risk of human error.

ReadSpeaker can be integrated with Brightspace Learning Environment 10.1 and above.

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