Cengage LMS Integration

In order to offer LMS Integration between Brightspace and our premier learning solutions, Cengage has partnered with D2L.

Instructors will enjoy:

  • A Seamless User Experience — Access your Cengage resources seamlessly using only your Brightspace login credentials.
  • Simplified Registration Process — Get students up and running faster! 
  • Content Customization and Deep Linking — Use our Content Selector to create a unique learning path for students that blends your content with Cengage activities, eText and more within your Brightspace course.
  • Automatic Grade Synchronization — Need to have your course grades recorded in your Brightspace gradebook? No problem. Simply select the activities you want synched and you’re done!

Additional Materials

Cengage LMS Integration
LMS Admin Brightspace Manual Registration (LTI Advantage)

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