Proctortrack is the most advanced and patented automated remote proctoring software that offers continuous identity verification of online test-takers, anytime and anywhere at scale. Proctortrack's objective is to protect the integrity of online programs and educational institutions. Through proprietary facial recognition software, behavioral detection algorithms and additional application features, the solution automates proctoring students for test policy compliance. Proctortrack is customizable to align with an institution's testing policies. It offers powerful analytics and an administrator dashboard to seamlessly investigate any pre-flagged test breaches.

  • Proctortrack is integrated with Brightspace ensuring students and instructors never have to leave the LMS environment when using Proctortrack.
  • Proctortrack's automation creates a more consistent and reliable experience in comparison to human proctoring. The reduced operational cost is passed to our clients in more affordable proctoring fees.
  • Proctortrack works with your institution to configure exam policies and requirements to meet your standards. Test policies are configurable at the individual test level by the instructor. Upon entering Proctortrack within the LMS, a student will read and agree to test policies in order to gain access to a an exam. Proctortrack bans certain keystrokes (copy and paste, print screen, etc.) and applications (virtual applications, among others) throughout the exam. During the exam a student knows that they are clearly being recorded with the indication of a red frame around their screen. The solution is transparent to the student at all times.
  • Proctortrack does not stop the exam if the student is performing a suspicious activity. The activity will be flagged as a test policy breach in the student integrity report. After the exam is over, data is processed and instructors are given a proctoring report within 24-48 hours of the exam. The instructor will then review any incidents of test policies being breached and will work with university administration to determine what qualifies as cheating or not.

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