Chalk & Wire Learning Assessment

The means to add all the tools required, to support a robust culture of assessment. Specifically, the LTI solution places all the tools transparently into D2L making them available as appropriate to students, faculty, staff and leadership. The solution provides the following capabilities and features (partial list):

  • Fully hosted platform in state of the art facilities with full real time redundancy in different cities.
  • No limits to file storage. Indefinite persistence of student work sample files (ePortfolios or assignments) and assessment data (scoring, feedback, reporting analytics).
  • Embedded outcomes/competency management system design solution to assure data validity and best-practice deployment. Results in rapid course/program/discipline and institutional/organization-wide collection of data to drive improvement.
  • Support for many types of rubrics (authoring and management tools provided).
  • Mobile device UI. Responsive design for devices such as iPad's, iPhones and Androids.
  • LTI results in SSO, course and D2L application links that brings Chalk & Wire tools directly on a user-appropriate basis, auto-account creation and renewal, push of evaluation results directly to the D2L gradebook.
  • ePortfolio with flexible application (reflective, analysis/assessment, career search) auto-linked to key social media. Support for all file types. Video/Audio is converted, compressed and optimized for best streaming output to reviewers. User creative control over public graphic appearance.
  • Robust assessment tools (text and audio commenting), document review annotation without downloading (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Industry's most comprehensive statistical analysis and reporting tools. Support for standard and research purposes. Distributions (aggregated/disaggregated by demographic variables, drill-down views to related data and reports, data modelling (animated), Chi Square (analysis to progress over time), Linear Regression (analysis of relationships in learning performance), Correlation Matrix (tests for internal validity). Saves reports directly to collaborative workspace documents in the solution (accreditation reports, strategic planning, "close the loop" discussions).
  • Powerful, flexible Collaborative Workspace solution provided to all roles with granular permission controls and social media familiar interactions.
  • Full-featured branching survey/form authoring and distribution. Forms can be embedded directly in the portfolio/assignments or set to be mandatory yielding a 100% response rate. Support for five different types of forms and all common question types.
  • Journalling with external, one-click attestation (mobile device).
  • Flexible use of external assessors (no accounts needed).
  • Full-spectrum field placement management, tracking and reporting suite included.
  • HIPAA Compliant, WGAC 2.1 Compliant for users requiring assistive technologies.

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