Course Merchant

Course Merchant is a professional ecommerce application that integrates seamlessly with Brightspace.

Features include: discount vouchers, multi-seat purchase discounts, multi-seat student management, customizable checkout fields, delayed enrollment methods (payment by invoice for example), instant payment by credit card and PayPal, affiliate marketing, and much more.

Course Merchant allows you to take course bookings via your website. If you are selling e-learning courses, our system automatically registers the learner into the Brightspace learning environment. If you are selling face-to-face classes, you can choose to implement inventory control with an automated wait list. Course Merchant also allows for the sale of physical goods such as books, CDs and DVDs.

Course Merchant provides a simple to use online Orders Database - monitor order data and adjust payment and delivery status easily online.

Course Merchant also offers a fully featured reporting, management and communications module. This allows the running of comprehensive and graphical sales reports, custom report building, mass learner communications, a student support portal and other standard CRM-like capabilities such as Contact and Account record management.

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