Blue by Explorance

Blue® is a powerful all-in-one assessment system that measures needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies to help institutions instill a culture of improvement. Putting progress at the forefront, Blue includes applications for instructor and course evaluations, broad-based stakeholder surveys, psychometric and knowledge tests, 360 degree feedback, and more.

Blue offers a robust feature set which includes high security, advanced reporting, and seamless integration with student information and learning management systems. Unlike other solutions, Blue uses a Learning Experience Management (LEM) framework to drive continuous improvement through benchmarking, stakeholder assessment, sophisticated reporting, prescriptive analytics, and constant monitoring.

Key Blue Benefits:

  • Accessibility: Provide an equivalent experience for all by making assessments accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device (beyond WCAG 2 (AA) and Section 508 compliance). 
  • All-in-One Assessment: Leverage a variety of feedback applications (evaluations, surveys, tests, 360 degree feedback, and more) from one, centralized system. 
  • Minimized IT Involvement: Reach autonomy in the assessment process, reducing administrative burden and IT requests.
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Make the right strategic decisions by using prescriptive analytics that go beyond typical predictive models. 
  • Return on Expectations: Include all stakeholders in the process to obtain comprehensive feedback and a high return on expectations.
  • Sustainable Engagement: Achieve sustainable stakeholder engagement through active listening and continuous improvement.

Key Technology Drivers:

  • Set up on premise or in the Cloud
  • Scale from – 100 to over 1.5 million users 
  • Leverage SIS, HRIS, ERP, and CRM data
  • Increase portal and LMS popularity
  • Integrate with any existing security infrastructure (LDAP, SSO)

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