Labyrinth Learning eLab

The Labyrinth eLab LMS Integration Tool (eLab Tool) offers instructors an easy way to add Labyrinth’s eLab course materials with their Brightspace by D2L learning management system.


The eLab Tool offers:

  • Seamless integration between eLab and Brightspace by D2L
  • Easy customization of D2L courses with eLab course material for instructors
  • Single sign-on for students and a simple registration process
  • Automated gradebook synch
  • Ability to specify which eLab quizzes, assignments and tests should send grades to D2L gradebook


Instructors utilize the eLab Tool to place deep links to eLab course materials at any desired location within their D2L course content pages. Instructors can add a variety of eLab resources such as

  • Videos, Guide Me tutorials, WebSims, and PowerPoint overview presentations
  • Quizzes, tests (including simulation questions), and auto-graded assignments


Grading is fully integrated with the D2L gradebook. After students submit an eLab test or assignment from within D2L, the grade is automatically added in the D2L gradebook.

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