Watermark’s mission is to put better data into the hands of administrators, educators, and learners everywhere in order to empower them to connect information and gain insights into learning that will drive meaningful improvements. We support more than 1,700+ institutions in the U.S. and beyond in developing an intentional approach to learning and development based on data they can trust. Our focus remains on breaking down data silos and redundancies which is why our course evaluation, assessment planning & accreditation, and next-generation outcomes assessment solutions have turnkey integrations with D2L along with other applications.

For more information on our purpose-built educational intelligence solutions, including assessment and accreditation management, eportfolios, faculty activity reporting, course evaluations, institutional surveys, and curriculum and catalog management, visit www.watermarkinsights.com.

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Watermark software empowers institutions with technology to engage administrators, faculty, and students with better data for learning.
Watermark Planning & Self-Study supports the critical, foundational work of assessment planning and accreditation.
Via by Watermark gives faculty and students ways to engage in richer learning with customized ePortfolios, assessments, and assignments.

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