Panopto Video Platform

Panopto's integration with Brightspace makes it easy to capture and embed videos as well as browse, search, and watch video content from any device.

Record and Live Webcast 
Whether it’s a lecture, a flipped class, or a student assignment, Panopto allows Brightspace users to capture new videos directly within their LMS. With a just a few clicks, professors and students can launch Panopto's web-based recorder and automatically log in using their existing Brightspace credentials. Panopto’s recording software will automatically configure itself to record into the course that was being viewed in Brightspace, and by default, Panopto will be set to record the presenter’s webcam and the contents of their screen. 

Faculty who need to live stream their lectures for distance learning students can simply click one additional checkbox in the Panopto recorder for Windows, and their webcam, screen contents, and other selected video sources will be broadcast live. 

To accomodate the growing use of video conferencing solutions for live virtual lectures and classroom discussions, Panopto now integrates with Zoom, WebEx and others to automatically upload recorded lectures and meetings into your LMS. 

For students, recording video assignments is a snap. With Panopto’s "dropbox" functionality, students can securely submit webcam video recordings, screencasts, and more to a course folder where the professor can review them and provide feedback.

Upload Existing Videos
For pre-recorded videos that were captured outside of Panopto, Brightspace users can simply drag-and-drop them into Panopto’s web-based uploader. Typically in a matter of minutes, the videos will be uploaded, converted for viewing on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and accessible through Brightspace LMS.

Search Inside Video Content
When it comes time to review course materials in prep for a lab, quiz, or final exams, Panopto makes it as easy to search through millions of videos to find the content you're looking for at the speed of need.

Using Panopto’s Smart Search video content search functionality, Brightspace users can search across all of their course-related videos and inside the content of every video for any word spoken or shown. Then in one click, users can jump to the precise moment in the video where the word is mentioned. If an archeology professor mentioned “subsoil excavation” in a lecture three weeks ago, or included the words “diagnostic artifacts” on a slide, students can fast forward right to the point in the video where these terms occur in a matter of seconds.

Watch and Interact with Videos
Panopto’s integration with Brightspace was built so that course-related recordings could be accessed anywhere from within the LMS. Videos can be embedded in any editable page using the Insert Stuff tool.

Mobile Recording, Searching, and Watching
With students and faculty doing more coursework on smartphones and tablets, Panopto’s integration with Brightspace extends to mobile devices as well.

Using the freely-available Panopto Mobile app for iOS and Android, students and faculty can log in to Panopto using their existing Brightspace email and password. From there, they can browse course videos, search across their library of recordings and inside video content, and watch videos anywhere. 

For Administrators

For IT administrators, Panopto simplifies the deployment and maintenance of working with Brightspace. Support for single sign on, batch course provisioning, and role mapping reduce the effort typically involved in connecting video capture and learning management systems.

Batch course provisioning 
With one mouse click, administrators can connect all of the courses within Brightspace to their associated video recordings. For universities who have rolled out Brightspace and Panopto campuswide, or for those who rely on Brightspace and Panopto for hundreds of courses, batch provisioning dramatically reduces the time it takes to connect an LMS with the video content management system.

Single Sign on
With SSO, teachers and students aren’t hassled with two separate sets of login credentials for their LMS and their video recordings — and admins aren’t hassled with the need to manage two separate sets of login credentials.

Role mapping
Panopto also makes it easy to configure custom mapping between roles in Brightspace and roles in Panopto. This ensures that Brightspace users have the appropriate authorization within Panopto to record, upload, live broadcast, and watch videos.

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