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eReserve Plus - Copyright Made Easy

The most comprehensive reading list and copyright management system on the planet, eReserve tracks and manages copyright material from reading list creation, through to easy and accurate copyright reporting. Seamlessly integrating with D2L Brightspace, eReserve serves students, teachers, academics, copyright compliance personnel and library staff alike in one brilliantly simple interface that delivers immediate return on investment.

By using the eReserve Plus system your staff can significantly reduce the time spent on preparing reading lists, and collating and distributing copyright materials.

Some of the features available with eReserve Plus Reading lists are:

  • Rapid approval significantly reduces manual approvals.
  • Seamless integration with your Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive reading lists including links, PDFs, articles and video are created, approved and disseminated with just a few clicks
  • For each new teaching period, copyright materials and existing reading lists can be recalled efficiently for easy re-use
  • Drag and drop features, colour coding and support for over 700 Citation methods makes eReserve the easiest to use reading list creation system.

eReserve Plus has been developed with the aim of empowering academics and lecturers to easily initiate and manage requests for readings.

Library Integration

Some features and benefits of Library integration are:

  • Avoid paying unnecessary purchase costs already covered by existing licenses
  • Leverage resources in existing library systems
  • Smooth review and approval workflows
  • Single sign on
  • Supports catalogue and discovery systems
  • Reduces costs

Integration with library systems enables discovery and utilisation of existing materials and subscriptions.

Accurate copyright reports are quickly and easily generated with the click of a mouse, making cumbersome and inefficient processes a thing of the past

Some features and benefits of copyright control with eReserve Plus are:

  • Accurate and quick copyright reporting
  • Easily manage copyright approvals with quick filtering by status
  • Hundreds of hours saved each audit
  • Consistent institution wide process
  • Copyright compliance controls

eReserve Plus drastically improves the quality of materials and licence management through real time identification of copyright compliance issues requiring attention, ensuring fair use/fair dealing or licence limits are managed correctly, real time reporting, and improved workflow processes for all stakeholders.


Additional Materials

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How eReserve Plus helps librarians and copyright staff manage large amounts of materials requests efficiently and ensure copyright compliance and make copyright reporting easy.
How eReserve Plus helps managers utilise paid subscriptions more effectively, reduce cost and apply consistent copyright policy across the institution.

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