Peerceptiv improves writing and critical thinking skills making assessment part of the learning process. Developed over a decade of research at the University of Pittsburgh Learning Research & Development Center, Peerceptiv offers two core benefits that ensure more consistant learning outcomes:

  • Student Accountability: Peerceptiv's unique grading algorithms hold students accountable for the quality and specficity of their feedback, the key to effective peer assessment.  
  • Instructor Analytics: Peerceptiv generates data to measure outcome effectivenss, identify students in need of intervention, and guide instructors in rubric improvement in future classes.

In many classrooms, especially at the post-secondary level, instructors simply don't have the time to assign and manage the formative feedback tasks that improve writing, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning. Peerceptiv is a naturally-scalable solution that engages students and breaks the dependence on multiple choice as an assessment model.

Some of the many features that are included in the Peerceptiv platform include:

Team Member Evaluation - offers a way to evaluate team members’ contribution in any group project. Use our standard characteristics: Professionalism, Communication, Content Knowledge and Skills, Work Ethic, and Overall Contribution, or choose your characteristics. Instructors can use the completely customizable tool to gain quantitative and qualitative data about the dynamics of each group, and the group members gain valuable feedback that can help them improve their collaboration skills. 

Administrator Dashboard - enables administrators to view institution-wide learning data, track course progress and access Caliper or other specific data through our rest API.

Group Assignments - allowing group submission for peer assessment to be reviewed and assessed by members of other groups in the class. Benefits include engaging students in rich learning exercises without overloading them, and improving peer collaboration skills in real-world work activities.

Shared Assignment Library - instructors can easily search best-in-class assignments, and copy them into their assignments.   Each assignment will be rated for effectiveness using the Peerceptiv Reliability Rating.

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