Middlebury Interactive Languages

Middlebury Interactive Languages' digital K-12 world language courses in Spanish, FrenchChinese and German give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in language and culture in an interactive online environment. 

The curriculum—developed by Ph.D.-level academics and linguistic experts—is supported by decades of research showing that students need exposure to authentic materials and frequent opportunities to interact in the target language.

Courses utilize principles of the immersive language pedagogy and teaching methodology used at Middlebury College's renowned Language Schools to help students gain a stronger base of comprehension and to accelerate language learning. Middlebury Interactive's school solutions feature flexible implementation models and can be used fully online or in blended learning environments, as core or supplemental curriculum.

Middlebury Interactive also offers a supplemental English Language Learner curriculum to help close the achievement gap. The supplemental blended learning curriculum uses proven strategies to help facilitate language acquisition and improve student outcomes. Our instructional modules allow students to learn the fundamentals of academic English while completing projects that relate to English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. Additionally, Middlebury Interactive offers extensive professional development to support school teachers with a successful implementation of our ELL curriculum modules.

Additional Materials

Johns Hopkins University’s Evaluation of the Middlebury Interactive Languages Program
Special Report: Learning a Language Online
Special Report: Meeting the Needs of ELLs

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