StudyForge provides comprehensive digital courses in your LMS.  With complete curriculum, actionable real-time insights, and captivating content we produce online learning with better than classroom results. 

As online teachers we know the pain when students check out before they reach out, so we created tools to help you personalize your interactions with students and to reach out to them. StudyForge tracks every click, tap, touch, drag and drop a student makes so you can coach them more effectively. Answer the question - who needs my help today? StudyForge crunches the numbers daily to see proactively who you should reach out to, with views to see how an entire class is progressing or focus on individual students. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about the content. We’ve built our award-winning library of courses around the best research in the cognitive load model of learning. Our content sticks and that means less unnecessary questions and more time in your day. Want to add in your own content, questions or assignments? Our tool allows you to fully customize any of our complete courses.

We have entire courses ready to go for both Canada and the US all built in a BrightSpace Shell. We also have assessment banks and assignments to go wih every chapter! Please visit our website to view the course lists and offerings - 

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