Powerful and innovative math assignments Sofia is powered by the most robust algorithmic engine in the EdTech industry. Questions include hints and interactive solutions; open response answer types include expression evaluation and graphing. Randomized values offer variety and reduce ability to cheat, while all iterations measure the same difficulty level for that learning objective.

Faculty and instructional designers can build real math assignments Sofia includes over 7,000 algorithmic assessment items spanning arithmetic through precalculus. This enables institutions to support math across their curriculum—including traditional and online courses, summer bridge, accelerated and corequisite courses, CBE, and math refreshers for other disciplines/pathways.

Textbook independent content Sofia extends math/quantitative literacy beyond LMS functionality without dependence on expensive text-specific tools. Using Sofia for math assignments gives faculty and instructional designers freedom of curricular choice (including the opportunity to embrace OER, especially open textbooks) without having to rebuild all of the assignments.

Direct integration with Brightspace To students, a Sofia assignment looks like every other assignment—they see it in their calendar, assignments, and gradebook. Sofia’s unmatched depth of integration within Brightspace means students and faculty work entirely within the LMS—which meets FERPA compliance like no other external tool experience. Sofia’s LTI integration is simple for administrators to install and maintain.

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