Evasys Education Survey Automation Suite

EvaSys is focused on providing relevant and timely outcomes that meet the specific reporting requirements of Higher Education Institutions worldwide that require timely and relevant feedback and assessment from students in order to drive quality enhancement and accreditation efforts.  Our core products, including EvaSys, EvaExam and our EvaSys Community Benchmark are market leading solutions for organisational course evaluations, exams and assessments. Electric Paper offers a complete hybrid solution for paper-based and online surveys and assessments that allows users to choose which platform to use so to get the best results from in-class feedback and assessment.

Half of all UK universities and over 1000 universities world-wide utilise EvaSys for their module, course & programme evaluations. EvaSys is focused on providing a platform to increase response rates, introduce consistency, quality and localised sector wide comparison to their reporting to academics as well as departments whilst significantly reduce turnaround times. We believe that innovation thrives on development and we continuously review our products and the technical support we offer to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers and their changing business environments.

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EvaSys Course Evaluation Brochure
EvaExam Brochure
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