eScience Labs

eScience Labs collaborates partners with hundreds of higher education institutions to provide a traditional hands-on laboratory experience to students engaged in online and blended learning. Our PhD product developers have created more than 400 scientific experiments across 18 college-level course offerings that can be customized to meet any course curriculum and integrated into any online classroom.
An Authentic Lab Experience for Online and Blended Courses

eScience Labs provides hands-on science lab kits to support online and blended courses. Through a combination of hands-on science experiments, virtual learning tools, and customized digital curriculum, eScience Labs helps higher education institutions expand and strengthen science comprehension.
Our products are designed and written by our staff of PhDs, quality reviewed by independent college science instructors, tested by students to ensure usability and product comprehension, and can be customized to meet any course requirements or work with any Learning Management System.

Choose from over 400 labs and 18 courses in the following subjects:
Allied Health
Anatomy and Physiology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Science
General Biology
General Chemistry
General Physics
Historical Geology
Human Biology
Introductory Biology
Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Physics
Life Science
Pharmacy Technician
Physical Science

Combined with eScience Labs expert customer support, we make the instructor and student experience exceptional. Please visit our web site ( for a free demo or sample kit, or visit our video channel for more company information and lab demos (

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