ProctorFree is an on-demand, automated online proctoring solution designed to help colleges and universities improve their academic integrity and online student experience. ProctorFree provides an accurate identification authentication and proctoring solution that is scalable, user-friendly, and the most cost-effective option available.

ProctorFree integrates with most major Learning Management Systems, including Brightspace by D2L. Instructors and Instructional Designers build exams within Brightspace by D2L with minimal set-up. Students launch ProctorFree via single-sign-on integration, authenticate identity, and take exams at their convenience. ProctorFree is completely on-demand and available 24/7. No pre-scheduling, rescheduling fees, or waiting on someone else. ProctorFree's solution means students never wait.

Instructors can quickly and easily understand what their students are doing during the exam session, and measure student learning outcomes with confidence. Instructors review summary reports to identify exam sessions of interest, and evaluate part or all of the individual exam sessions to support academic integrity.

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