Möbius™ is a comprehensive online courseware environment that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is built on the notion that people learn by doing. With Möbius, your students can explore important concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualize problems and solutions, and test their understanding by answering questions that are graded instantly. Throughout the entire lesson, students remain actively engaged with the material and receive constant feedback that solidifies their understanding.

Today's students are used to instant results in almost everything they do. Möbius allows you to integrate powerful, dynamic learning and assessment tools throughout your online course materials, so your students receive constant feedback that keeps them engaged and on-track.

  • Integrate meaningful, automatically-graded assessment questions into lessons and narrated lectures, in addition to formal assignments, so students can test their understanding as they go.
  • Provide interactive applications for exploring concepts in ways not available in a traditional classroom.
  • Leverage powerful algorithmic questions to provide practice for students as they master concepts, as well as individual summative assessments.
  • Incorporate engaging, enlightening visualizations of concepts, problems, and solutions, through a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D plots and animations that students can modify and explore.

Everything You Need:

  • Create interactive narrated lectures that incorporate exploration and self-assessment elements.
  • Use standard math notation for authoring, display, and student responses.
  • Choose from thousands of Math Apps and assessment questions from math, statistics, physics, engineering, and more, which are freely available for you to use and customize in your own materials.
  • Develop custom interactive applications for exploring concepts using Maple or HTML5.
  • Create meaningful assessment questions that will be automatically graded by the Maple T.A. testing engine, a system that understands mathematics.
  • Generate powerful visualizations by leveraging a large collection of customizable plots and animations.
  • Collect outcome data throughout the entire learning process so you can track student success and identify areas for improvement.
  • Help students keep track of due dates and important course deadlines with an integrated calendar.
  • Communicate with your students in real time using a Live Chat tool that supports mathematical notation as well as text.
  • Integrate Möbius with course management systems, such as Brightspace™
  • Provide student access from computers and mobile devices using only a standard web browser.

Your Content, Your Rules

When you use Möbius to develop and deliver your online offerings, you remain in full control of your content and the learning experience.

  • Bring your online vision to life, including online courses, open-access courses, formative testing, placement and remediation programs, independent learning, outreach programs, and flipped or blended classrooms.
  • Provide exactly the content you want, from individual lessons and textbook supplements, to full courses, remedial materials, enrichment content, and more.
  • Choose the learning experience by allowing students open access to your course material or guiding them along a specific learning path.
  • Stay in control of your content, creating and customizing materials as you wish to suit your needs.
  • Save your students money by dropping a traditional textbook, while simultaneously improving the learning experience.

Additional Materials

The University of Waterloo partnered with Maplesoft to provide effective, engaging, online education for STEM courses. The first initiative from the collaboration between Maplesoft and UW is the free, online Secondary School Courseware project, designed to support high school teachers and students in their Precalculus and Calculus courses.
Möbius will be available along with courses and online Waterloo material to provide institutions and professors with a rich online learning solution that allows learning by doing, using technology that keeps students actively engaged through interactive applications, visualizations and immediate feedback.
The Perimeter Institute is a leading center for theoretical physics and facilitating research, training, and educational outreach. This institution hosts an annual program called the International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP). With help from Möbius, the ISSYP program introduced a new system for preparing young students for their two intensive weeks at Perimeter Institute. The use of this new and unique platform provided students of the ISSYP program a more productive and enhanced summer school experience.
This whitepaper looks at the evolution and revolution of online education. Developing effective, high-quality online education courses requires the right balance between volume and quality of content, interactivity, and speed and ease of access. Achieving this balance can provide numerous benefits to institutions, instructors and students alike.

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