OpenEd is the leading educational resource library for K-12.  OpenEd uses machine learning to accurately align videos, games, and assessments to learning goals such as the Common Core State Standards, NGSS, TEKS and more. 

For every question a student misses, OpenEd automatically returns a hand-picked, targeted video or game to help the student master that specific concept.  These instructional resources are ranked for efficacy.  

Sample lesson plans are available below, on each see the "download as Common Cartridge" button to download the file for import into Brightspace.  Each contains both assessments and instructional resources.

Interactive resources! - interactive modeling for math and science, see the ones from Geogebra and PrepMagic.
Here is one for science (NGSS).  It is an ACT practice quiz combined with some of the best and most engaging videos.
This one is a lesson plan with quizzes and videos that aligns to the popular Prentice Hall Geometry textbook, chapter one.
The majority of resources on OpenEd are free.  Please fill out the form to inquire on the Premium resources.


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