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Coach Digital is a comprehensive resource library of proven ELA and math content for grades 1-12.  The standards-aligned instructional materials provide teachers with hundreds of highly effective lessons and practice sessions which are entirely teacher-driven and facilitated.  Instructional materials within Coach Digital use the research proven ‘gradual release of responsibility’ instructional model and teachers are provided with explicit instruction in the Teacher Editions to help them deliver the lessons. Coach Digital is a multi-tiered “Toolbox” for teachers to use in order to teach, practice, remediate, differentiate, or ‘get ready for the test’, and can be used with the entire class, a small group, or even individually.  ELA and math lessons can be searched for by strand or domain, by standard, and even by a key ‘search’ word. How easy is that? 

For the ELA teacher, there are lessons and passages written in a wide variety of lexile levels as well as questions for students to answer that cover a wide range of DOK levels.

For the math teacher, Coach Digital provides ‘progression charts’ which aid in finding just the necessary skill to help a struggling or excelling student move forward on their math instruction.

Coach Digital provides teachers with instructional materials for the grade level they teach as well as access to instructional materials from lower and upper grade levels. This really gives them the ability to truly differentiate!

The assessment portion of Coach Digital is robust, with dozens of ready-made benchmark, domain, and summative tests, plus, there is a build-a-test feature that allows the creation of original assessments. The up-to-the-minute data allows educators to analyze items and sort results in meaningful ways-by lesson, assessment, class, or student-providing educators the capability to track growth and proficiency.

Coach Digital’s Item Bank is an amazing ‘extra’ which provides teachers thousands of items to choose from in order to create their own benchmark, summative, or formative test in order to track student’s progress on any given standard. Tests can be crafted based on student needs then saved to be given a second or third time at some future date. The Coach Digital Item Bank allows teachers a quick ‘view’ into student proficiency on any given standard yet they don’t have to waste valuable instructional time trying to create their own test questions. The Item Bank contains high quality and rigorous items that will give students’ exposure to the format, style and vocabulary of the current state assessments-and all the teachers have to do is select and click.

Coach Digital and Coach Item Bank have been designed with the Closed Loop instruction model in mind. This is a system that provides a comprehensive roadmap for effectively and strategically integrating technology into the educational process. Teachers can develop their teaching objectives, select materials for instruction, deliver and differentiate their instruction, assess and access the results immediately, intervene where necessary, and track outcomes with the real time data that Coach Digital provides. Finally, any of these steps in the Closed Loop instruction model can be implemented at any time and in any order-it all depends on the teacher’s and student’s needs-and Coach Digital  with it’s multi-tiered toolbox will make it easy for the teacher to do just that.

Additional Materials

Free to use version of Triumph Learning's award winning assessment and instruction program. This allows access to placement tests and standards based instructional material.

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