Flat for Education is a cloud-based music learning platform aimed at supporting music teachers in the classroom. In a school-specific website, working on all devices, Flat provides teachers and students with the most intuitive music notation tool, as well as other benefits empowering music education in and outside the classroom.

Flat’s core value: the music notation tool

The core value of the platform is a music notation tool, allowing users to easily create, read, edit, import, export, and print music scores, through a very intuitive interface. The following characteristics make Flat.io different from traditional music notation tools:

  • Flat is collaborative: users can edit scores collaboratively, working together on the same score at the same time.
  • Flat is cloud-based: no software installation is required: users connect to Flat directly through their browser. Their work is automatically saved, and accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  • Flat is easy-to-use: as opposed to the other existing notation softwares, Flat has a very low learning curve. It can be intuitively used by the youngest students and the non-tech teachers.

Other features and benefits
For the teachers

  • A COPPA and FERPA compliant working environment.
  • A classroom organizer: teachers can create classes, invite students and co-teachers to join, manage their teaching contents among their classes. All in one place.
  • Save time and paper: teaching materials can be created and shared on the platform, in one-click, with no paper.
  • Assign and track students’ progress: create and send assignments online, give feedback, monitor the progress on the platform.
  • Easy communication: a dedicated stream to share information, links, medias or instructions with the students.
  • Integrations: Works with the tools your school already use: Brightspace by Desire2Learn (LTI 1 Certified Provider and D2L Partner) as well as G Suite (Google for Education Technology Partner) and Office 365 (Microsoft Education Associate Partner).
  • Affordable: only $1.5 per user per year.
  • Instant support: a question, an issue? Get a live answer, 24/7.

For the students

  • Collaborate and learn with others: the only editor that makes possible to collaborate in real-time with other students on the same score.
  • Receive instant feedback: improve quickly by getting instant feedback from the teacher, directly on your score.
  • Hear what you write, instantly: listen to your scores anytime through the playback feature.
  • Have fun while learning: students will not realize they are working and get much more involved in the course

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