At VoiceThread, we believe that a stronger human presence in any course or conversation will help all types of learners. Achieving this can be a challenge in the heavy, text-based world of online education.  VoiceThread is the solution.  Introducing VoiceThread to a course improves instructor immediacy and social presence while maintaining the flexibility of an asynchronous learning environment.  Instructors report an improvement in the quality of work that students submit and increased engagement with the coursework when they use VoiceThread.  Hearing student voices and seeing their faces helps with comprehension, assessment, and building social connections.

VoiceThread is a cloud-based application that ties right into your Brightspace courses and gradebook. Upload all types of media, including PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, documents, images, PDFs, audio files, video files, and more to VoiceThread slides, and then invite others to engage in an asynchronous conversation around those slides. Conversations can use voice, video, written annotations, and text. The result is a warm, humanized learning space where students and instructors thrive.

Use VoiceThread for discussion boards, language and speaking practice, presentations and lectures, instructor or peer critique, assessment, and collaborations of any kind. It’s versatile and simple enough for Kindergarteners and graduate students alike.

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Multi-media. Cloud based. Interactive.

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