newrow_ smart

newrow_ smart is a browser-based, virtual classroom platform for online learning. Accessed directly through your D2L environment, instructors and learners are able to engage one another in an interactive virtual classroom—no downloads, no installations, no Flash. This helps organization overcome the traditional hurdles and hassles of legacy platforms.

With newrow_ smart, you can have up to 10 webcam participants streaming at one time with many more viewing and participating through collaborative tools such as: Whiteboard, file annotations, polls, text chat, and more. You also have the newrow_ file management system to upload, manage and share all major file formats including presentations, videos, PDF’s, etc. Instructors are able to share files and highlight important elements together with participants in real time. Instructors can record and archive their live sessions and reuse these assets as needed saving valuable time.

newrow_ smart is built for scalability, reliability, and high performance utilizing the new industry standard for web-based video collaboration, WebRTC. We focused on creating a platform that is a pleasure to use, that not only works, but looks and feels good, too.


App Highlights:

  • Up to 10 webcam participants w/many more viewing and participating in chat
  • Upload and share anything: Presentations, Videos, Images, Audio, PDF's and more
  • Screen sharing
  • Collaborative whiteboard + file annotations
  • YouTube integration to share YouTube videos in the class
  • Instructor management tools to moderate the live class
  • Cloud recording
  • Quick polls
  • Playlist to organize live class content
  • Guest access to bring in guest speakers

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