TechSmith Relay

Simplified and flexible video creation to enhance student learning and engagement

Designed for higher education, TechSmith Relay is one simple cloud solution to capture, create, enhance, manage and share accessible educational videos. Faculty can capture lectures and create video content anywhere on any device, enhance videos with in-video quizzing to test concepts in the moment, add highly accurate, automated captions that meet ADA guidelines, and measure results with detailed analytics to see how students are performing.

TechSmith Relay integrates seamlessly with Brightspace and reports analytics or quiz scores directly to the gradebook. Plus, Snagit, Camtasia and TechSmith Fuse share directly to TechSmith Relay, enabling faculty, staff, and students to select the creation tool that best meets their media needs.

Simplified Video Creation

  • Record classroom lectures or lesson videos for flipped, blended, and online courses: The Relay Recorder captures screen video, camera video, and audio on PCs or Macs.
  • Personalize and extend learning with mobile device camera recording: The TechSmith Fuse app for iOS or Android makes it easy to capture personalized class messages, field interviews, student projects, lab procedures and more with the HD camera in your pocket.
  • Share existing video and image assets with easy upload: Leverage your existing video and image assets by uploading them to your cloud library in bulk.
  • Take advantage of Youtube content: Share Youtube links through your Relay library and get unique viewing analytics and add quizzes without the distractions.
  • Hands off classroom lecture capture with Matrox: Need scheduled and automated classroom recording? Matrox appliances share to Relay automatically.

Seamless Integrations

  • Super easy sharing in Brightspace: Share videos or images from your Relay library within Brightspace with Quicklinks or Insert Stuff integrations in as few as 2 clicks.
  • Make videos accountable with gradebook integration: Relay reports student viewing percentage or in-video quiz scores to the gradebook automatically.
  • Single sign-on support: No need for separate logins.
  • Migrate existing media libraries: TechSmith can help you migrate large existing libraries of content into Relay.
  • Integration with Snagit and Camtasia enable richer content creation: Relay is the perfect host for more enhanced videos and images created in Camtasia or Snagit, including powerful, yet easy editing and interactivity.

Robust accessibility support

  • Accelerate captioning with highly accurate speech-to-text: Relay's speech to text engine automatically generates captions.
  • Quickly and easily make corrections with the Web-based caption editor: Relay's easy to use caption editor makes correcting captions a breeze.
  • Ensure compliance with Relay's unique ADA caption checker: Know exactly what you need to fix in order to meet captioning rules most effectively.
  • Spread the captioning work load: Relay enables you to assign students, staff, or faculty to caption videos.
  • Take the headache out of managing the captioning process: Relay's Captioning Activity View and Caption Admin role make it easy to manage and ensure your video library is captioned most efficiently.
  • ADA and Section 508 compliant player ensures accessible video playback: The TechSmith SmartPlayer supports closed captions, and is keyboard and screen reader compatible.

Student insight and engagement

  • Know if students are watching: Easy access analytics show you what percentage of the video students are watching. View analytics directly from Brightspace.
  • Engage students more effectively with in-video quizzing: Add quiz questions directly in the video that gets students to sit up and interact. Immediate feedback tells them how they did.
  • Understand student learning with quiz results dashboard: View detailed class results and drill down to individual student quiz results. Graphs show you what questions students struggle with and if they are really watching the videos.

Save time and money with the cloud

  • Save staff time and eliminate the cost required to support servers: TechSmith Relay provides your institution its own scalable cloud destination for media, built on Microsoft Azure.
  • Manage,organize and share content: Create folders based on subject, topic or whatever makes sense. Share content with groups, links, or embed code. Define privacy levels on a per video basis.
  • View on any device: Relay and the TechSmith SmartPlayer deliver video to any device for student viewing and interaction, including laptops, tablets and mobile devices.



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