Features and Benefits:

  • Game-changing technology utilize the best interactive video tool, like America's leading schools, in your Brightspace LMS.
  • User-friendly lesson management in Brightspace allows users to edit, search, browse, manage, share, and play lessons, from collaborators such as co-teachers and TAs (depending on sharing permissions) - or create their own.

Content Organization:

  • My Bulbs Upload, manage, assign, and share lessons - "Bulbs" in PlayPosit - with a private library for each D2L user.
  • Insert Stuff Integration Quickly use rich media when you click on the "PlayPosit" link from within insert stuff (requires the administrative setup)

Authoring Tools:

  • Screen recording Record your screen with audio and webcam capabilities. Edit and make the video interactive right in the application.
  • 8 question types Multiple choice, Fill in the blank, Check all that apply, Free response, Poll questions, Embed webpages, Reflective pause, and Discussion threads can be spread out, or asked at the same time, anytime. 
  • Templates Build entire assignments in 3 easy steps or select pre-formatted interactions to save time. 
  • Link, crop, jump Link multiple videos together, crop extra content out of the video, and jump to different videos depending on student answers.
  • Student-made Bulbs Students can create interactive video projects! A great way to hit the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy with cumulative projects.
  • Peer review Foster valuable feedback skills amongst peers through rubrics and time-stamped commenting. Great for in-classroom use or professional development. 
  • Playlists Currate content and control when learners progress. Enhance using supplemental material and track completion via verifiable certifications and digital credentials. 

Player Experience:

  • View on any device enjoy your experience on all mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android, and Blackberry devices with automatic device detection and Flash-HTML5 fallback.
  • Responsive Design Automatically adjusts site layout to the screen size and device

White label and other features:

  • Captions Upload multi-lingual captions to reach international, and hearing-impaired audiences. Open all captions for the video to the side, or overlay on top of the video, based on your preferences.
  • Administrator Dashboard Log into any instructor account, have instructors double-up as learners, and conduct professional development both asynchronously and synchronously.
  • Search Quickly find bulbs from your institution or the entire PlayPosit ecosystem based on the bulb name, description, tags, categories, instructor name, and more. Sharing restrictions apply.
  • Accessibility Supports playback with ADA/508 compliant player.

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