The Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System—AEFIS is the web-based assessment management solution that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. The scalable platform enables the continuous quality improvement of curriculum and fosters personalized learning by engaging administrators, faculty, students, alumni, and industry.

AEFIS is a superior SaaS solution platform for learning assessment and continuous improvement for higher education. AEFIS helps bring balance between old-school models of accountability and the modern needs for competency-based personalized learning assessment. Many Universities struggle to document their success with teaching, and learning, and using real-time information to improve their curricula. AEFIS automates the best practices in individual student assessment and evaluation in order to enhance curriculum development, and streamline the accreditation processes campus-wide.

AEFIS Solutions:

  • Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment
  • Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection
  • Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio
  • Self Study + Accreditation Reporting
  • Strategic Planning + Data Collection
  • Faculty Activity + Curriculum Vitae

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