Unicheck is a professional, innovation-driven, and integrative plagiarism detection software designed for K-12, Higher Ed and Enterprise.
Unicheck has remarkable system performance characteristics. With 1.3 millions of sources processed daily, real-time 40+ billion pages web search, access to the biggest databases, libraries and open access repositories, it’s widely used by 1.8 million users in over 1100 institutions and 69 countries worldwide.
Inspecting the text semantically, the intelligent system analyses the frequency and consistency of recurring words, condensing irrelevant matches from the report, that helps to deliver the most objective and relevant reports as a result.
Unicheck generates reports automatically, streamlining the work and releasing the teacher’s time, typically spent on manual revisions.
Behind Unicheck is a team of talented developers, scientists, and education industry experts who share the noble mission to make best quality educational tools closer to everyone, irrespective of socio-economic situation.
That’s why along with growing capacities and equipping the checker with cutting-edge innovative features, Unicheck also offers free corporate solutions for the educational sector, contributing to the highest standards of academic integrity worldwide.

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