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The Brightspace LTI with Jigsaw is an ideal solution for any Brightspace user.  This allows companies and schools the opportunity to leverage Jigsaw’s technology to hold live virtual classes and training programs while integrating data and activities back to Brightspace.   

Jigsaw Interactive’s patented technology is changing the dynamics of virtual training and virtual education.   


We offer companies a live virtual collaboration platform that enables dispersed teams to work together effectively anywhere in the world. Our versatile user interface improves the quality and engagement of virtual interactions.  Jigsaw leverages users’ individual learning strengths, while empowering groups to efficiently interact in real me.    Jigsaw tracks all levels of participation and performance so companies are able to confirm the value of virtual as they build their digital strategies.

The platform facilitates:

  • The initial integration between Jigsaw Interactive and Brightspace, utilizing the LTI for single sign, will allow instructors and student to log into Brightspace and access their Jigsaw Interactive classes directly from their Brightspace log on page. They simply click a button to join.  
  • Jigsaw Interactive’s technology delivers the ability to have live virtual classrooms, training rooms, group work rooms and live collaboration sessions. Having the ability to have “persistent” rooms gives a tremendous amount of flexibility for instructors and facilitators. 
  • Jigsaw Interactive offers multiple ways of utilizing videos and webcams that will enhance the dynamics and engagement of any virtual session.
  • Jigsaw Interactive offers break out rooms that can be pre-set or built on the fly. With integrated audio that automatically moves to and from the break out rooms, it a perfect solution for small group work. 
  • Attendance records can be moved from Jigsaw to Brightspace using an API (we are not yet utilizing the API)
  • The integration between Brightspace and Jigsaw Interactive allows you to schedule and deliver virtual training with ease.

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