Proctorio is a fully-automated remote proctoring system that gives institutions confidence in their online programs. With Proctorio, Brightspace exams can be secured with a single click without any downloads, installations, schedules, or changes to course content. Proctorio's lockdown browser and automated behavior monitoring put the instructor back in control of the proctoring process. Exam footage is analyzed and delivered directly to the Brightspace gradebook, with only the actions the instructor finds suspicious highlighted for review.

Proctorio also integrates effortlessly with whatever learning management system you already use—no scheduling, waiting or additional logins required—for instant, objective, secure results. Still not sure? Give Proctorio a test.

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Why Proctorio?

  • No Headaches. Proctorio runs on a modern browser and does not require any additional downloads or installations. By integrating with the D2L Brightspace learning management system, there are no changes required to existing courses and enabling remote proctoring is as easy as one click.
  • No Schedules. Proctorio is completely proctorless, allowing students to take their exams anywhere at any time, retaining the inherit flexibility of online courses. Students do not have to schedule their exams, pay scheduling fees, or wait for proctors. Exams are graded in real time, so professors do not have to wait days for video processing.
  • No FERPA Concerns. Proctorio uses military grade encryption on all data, secure websocket connections, does not contract to third parties, and never retains academic records or personally identifiable information. By implementing a AES-256 zero-knowledge encryption scheme, the data can only be decrypted by authorized users within the learning management system.
  • No Data Loss. Proctorio quiz video is always available as evidence to help enforce academic integrity policies and monitor overall student behavior. Proctorio securely stores video data and suspicion flags for instant retrieval as long as the institution desires.
  • No Confusion. Proctorio's software is easy to use, but if there is an issue Proctorio is happy to help. Technical support is available 24 / 7 / 365 via chat, email, phone, and SMS. Proctorio issues support numbers for each school and priority lines for faculty and administrators to put a representative just seconds away.

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The Proctorio Learning Integrity Platform: Learning with Integrity.

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