Higher education institutions are faced with new and challenging demands – expanding online education programs without sacrificing academic integrity. Students and faculty want an easy-to-use, flexible proctoring solution while maintaining data security, student privacy, and reliability. Honorlock offers all of that plus several unique features:

  • Search and Destroy
    Keeps your test information off the internet.

  • Multi-Device Detection
    Detects the use of smartphones, watches, or tablets. 

  • Live Pop-In
    Our proctors ensure that students follow exam guidelines and stay on track for success.

Honorlock’s proctoring system integrates seamlessly into Brightspace and allows instructors to customize exams, monitor performance, and generate robust analytics. Setup is fast and simple so you can focus on what matters most: your students.

Additional Materials

We’ve interviewed higher education administrators, instructors, and instructional designers about their experience when selecting an online proctoring partner and put their suggestions together in this ebook to serve as a guide. As you evaluate proctoring solutions for your institution, keep in mind these top considerations from colleagues who have already gone through the process.

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