Intromath Powered by Vretta

Intromath is an innovative, blended learning platform, developed by Vretta Inc. to revolutionize the way students experience mathematics across different educational streams, such as:

  • Mathematics of Business and Finance
  • Mathematics for Health Sciences
  • Statistics for Health Sciences
  • Technology Mathematics
  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics for Hospitality and Tourism

This rich hybrid platform, blends cloud technology, online and face-to-face learning strategies to enable students to work in an adaptive environment, increasing their engagement and overall success.

Intromath’s digital modules leverage voice-enabled, interactive lessons that connect concepts to their practical applications and brings life to mathematics. Students work through solved examples, exercises, and cases that contain research-backed pedagogies that have been tried and tested. Dynamic assessments, algorithmically generate problems to provide students with unlimited practice to master their skills.

Available resources include:

  • eTextbooks
  • PPT Presentations
  • Solution Manuals
  • Answer Keys
  • Calculator Solutions
  • Online Adaptive Assessment System

The Intromath platform provides instructors with the flexibility and support they require to enhance student success. Through the administrative panel Instructors have the ability to customize the course to meet student requirements; thus, simultaneously facilitating an independent and collaborative learning experience for students.

Instructors have access to a multitude of real-time dashboards to view the progress and performance of individual students as well as the entire class. Allowing them to monitor, and adapt to meet, students’ learning styles and level of mastery.

Vretta’s Intromath resources have statistically proven to increase the performance of students and decrease the percentage of students who drop out of their courses, hence increasing overall student retention and success.

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