eLumen’s Brightspace integration supports access to the full eLumen platform as well as deeper level integration for assessment specific workflows.

Assessment Workflow Integration:

eLumen rubrics integrate with Brightspace allowing for the creation of LTI links that enable faculty to link assignments in Brightspace to eLumen rubrics.  This provides faculty the ability to do all assessment work inside of Brightspace if desired. An additional API enables a suggested score to be pushed immediately to the Brightspace gradebook, allowing faculty to easily assess with a rubric, as well as grade students at the same time. The LTI integration also allows faculty to access student learning outcomes reports, have multiple views of rubrics, and download rubrics, either blank or completed with scores. Additionally the LTI allows for student engagement with ePortfolios and Directed Learning Activities (DLAs) which can be assigned by faculty as part of their remediation efforts.

Access to eLumen Full Platform:

eLumen’s LTI integration also supports Single-Sign-On access from within Brightspace directly to the full eLumen platform for workflow processes beyond assessment. Faculty can work on assessment, curriculum, strategic initiatives, and more. Click here to learn more about our full platform.

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eLumen's Connecting What's Possible White Paper

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