Mobile and browser based attendance control fully integrated with Brightspace.

* Automatic classroom roster via LTI
* Browser and mobile dedicated responsive interfaces
* Unlimited status with internal note taking
* Embedded email functionality for learner and parents (in dev. for K12)
* Filtering, reporting and analytics (Pdf, csv, xls)
* 360 degree view of individual attendance
* Multiple calendar and editing views
* Unlimited sessions per day


Help your teachers and faculty save time for instruction, keep tighter and integrated control of attendance and its linkage to performance and grades.
Thanks to its LTI integration and responsive interface, enjoy automatic rostering, multiple status configuration, integrated email communication and reporting (pdf, xls, etc).
In addition, your class managers, whether on their phones or laptops, will be able to enjoy multiple calendar, editing views and different personalization parameters. All from an extremely simple interface that requires no training for adoption.
If you want to read more: Attendee Web

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Save time for instruction! Tracking attendance was never so easy.

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