VEDAMO Virtual Classroom

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom is an online live teaching platform. It combines multi-peer video-conferencing and collaborative group features:

  1. Videoconferencing - see and hear up to 25 participants simultaneously
  2. Interactive whiteboard - share various types of teaching materials and engage your participants in collaborative activities using the tools for creating, editing and presenting learning content
  3. Media player - use various multimedia materials and share YouTube videos during your live online classes
  4. Session templates - create and reuse content templates, which save all learning materials arranged by you in the virtual classroom
  5. Breakout rooms - conduct small group activities and assign individual tasks in separate working spaces
  6. Screen-sharing - demonstrate external software or multimedia applications by sharing your screen with the participants
  7. Session recordings - watch the past sessions interactive playback to analyze and improve your online classes

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VEDAMO is simple and intuitive for both kids and non-tech savvy users. It is designed and used for education.


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Easy-to-use Live Teaching Platform - VEDAMO Virtual Classroom brochure

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