With a visually appealing, easy user interface that mimics social media platforms, Harmonize enables students to quickly survey content at a glance and dive into posts that interest them the most, encouraging greater participation. Asynchronous and live chats for one-on-one and group discussions, along with the ability to share and annotate images and videos within the platform, empower students and instructors to engage in academic conversations bolstered by rich media for deeper learning. Harmonize is easy to use regardless of location or device. Users can transfer drafts fluidly from mobile to desktop and back again.


Instructors have access to qualitative and quantitative data on student participation and course progress in Harmonize, saving time on grading and modifying their strategies to ensure they reach all students. Featuring integrations with leading edtech providers, including LMS solutions and plagiarism prevention tools, Harmonize fits seamlessly within the ecosystem institutions are already providing to students, instructors, and administrators.


Harmonize provides a suite of online discussion & collaboration tools for higher ed that helps instructors increase student engagement in their courses. Built to integrate seamlessly with Brightspace, Harmonize enriches the learning experience with tools that boost engagement, promote inclusive learning, and save valuable time for instructors. Learn more at harmonizelearning.com.

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