Integrity Advocate

Integrity Advocate is a privacy company that provides identity verification, participation monitoring, and examination proctoring for online training events. Human reviewers assisted by, artificial intelligence and biometric technology, are able to monitor the learning environment and the learner while providing the highest level of privacy protection. Integrity Advocate provides both its patented technology, and an on-demand service that together capture and review each learning event so that utilizing institutions are free from ongoing administration obligations. 

The Integrity Advocate technology and processes were created following the internationally recognized concept of Privacy by Design. This is the same concept incorporated into todays EU regulations and unanimously passed as a fundamental component of privacy protection by the International Conference of Data Protection Authorities and Privacy Commissioners. Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the creator of Privacy by Design (PBD) and three-term Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, has declared that common proctoring methodologies are appalling, and [online learners] shouldnt have to forgo their privacy to take an exam.

In response to such privacy concerns, Integrity Advocate has created a process that encompasses the need to maintain integrity in online learning, while also safeguarding user privacy, and minimizing the need for end-user support and program administration.

Key Features of the Integrity Advocate technology and service include;

User Experience: No plugins/software installation is required by the user and it is compatible with all internet browsers. Learners never have to leave your LMS deployment.

On Demand: No scheduling ever required. ID Verification & Proctoring services are available 24/7. Mobile Friendly Works across all mobile devices and computers. Hardware flexibility is key in todays age and we have that mastered.

Identity & Participation Verification: Our patent pending identity and participation verification process is highly customizable to meet organization training and/or testing needs.

Privacy by Design: Data encryption is not enough. Our partners & learners are protected through our implementation of Privacy by Design architecture.

Integrated Session Review Service: Monitoring results are tentatively flagged by our artificial intelligence, then further reviewed by our live agents for any additional flags based on client rules. This removes the need for our clients to have dedicated administrative personnel assigned to review the session data/media.

Integrity advocate is used globally, across countless industries, and in various applications. The flexibility of our technology and the consultative nature of our interaction with clients allow Integrity Advocate to truly complement the learning process and while being seamlessly integrated into the learning or testing event.

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