Integrity Advocate

More Privacy, Less Administration.

The only identity verification, participation monitoring, and exam proctoring solution built on Privacy by Design principles, Integrity Advocate protects learner privacy and ensures assessment integrity for online learning events. Leveraging human review assisted by artificial intelligence and biometric technology, services are available 24/7 on all devices, no plugins or software installation required.

Higher Education

Post-secondary education has a tradition of meeting the highest standards of excellence in all facets of learning and development. Designed to help foster that excellence, Integrity Advocate is the next generation online proctoring solution for higher education.

We provide faculty with the tools to remain in control of their assessments with less effort, students with privacy-first tools to validate their compliance, EdTech departments with a seamless LMS integration, and administration with peace of mind.


Integrity Advocate works across industry expectations and participant learning curves to provide a consistent, accessible assessment monitoring experience. Designed to be both comprehensive and customizable, we provide organizations with a monitoring solution built for industry and working professionals.

Corporate Training

Integrity Advocate helps elevate and validate training programs required by employers by ensuring process integrity, personnel participation, and engagement. We assist employees and contractors through seamless integration with the training required and a variety of accessibility options. We also protect employers by assisting in the demonstrating regulatory compliance and minimizing the workforce time required.


K-12 institutions face unprecedented challenges in today’s world as more and more classes are moved online. Integrity Advocate is here to help. Our solution offers a simpler way to oversee testing and monitor student participation, giving teachers time back to develop lesson plans and mark homework.

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Overview of Integrity Advocate Features
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