Kaltura Brightspace Video Extension

Take education forward and make virtual learning core to your teaching and learning experience right from within the Brightspace.  With access to virtual classrooms, content captured in classrooms or generated by users, tools for interactive video creation, video assignments, quizzes and powerful analytics for student success --- you can extend the classroom, enjoy hybrid teaching options, and nurture active and effective learning among students. 

Key Features

Content Creation and Editing Tools

  • Easily create interactive videos with synchronized slides using Kaltura Personal Capture
  • Automatically add recordings of in-person classroom lectures with Kaltura’s Lecture Capture solution or recorded online classes using Kaltura Virtual Classroom
  • Upload preexisting video from personal files, institution libraries, and even YouTube
  • Edit content including trimming & clipping, adding chapters and slides, managing thumbnails and custom media display

Video Enrichment and Accessibility Support

  • Interactive video features for greater engagement: video quizzes, hotspots, interactive learning paths, and dynamic playbacklayouts
  • Automated captioning flows for content accessibility and discoverability
  • ADA/508 compliant player and accessible design. See Kaltura’s Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT)
  • Robust marketplace of custom pre-built integrations, including video AI and enrichment services such as audio descriptions, translations, and automatic chaptering

Powerful & Secure Organization

  • Personal media repository, course galleries, playlists and shared faculty repository
  • Embed content anywhere in the LMS: course gallery, assignment, discussions, announcement, blog, or more
  • Students access to virtual classrooms and live broadcasts of lectures right from the LMS
  • Streamline video management, so students and teachers can upload and manage their own videos without a central media team
  • Secure media files using LMS/VLE permissions and entitlements
  • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.3 certification

Learning Analytics

  • Video Quizzes that integrate directly into the LMS gradebook
  • Advanced entry and user-level analytics for greater insight into learner experience and needs
  • First video vendor to be certified for Caliper 1.2


Additional Materials

Kaltura Video Cloud for Education
[Whitepaper] Taking Higher Education Virtual

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