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Transform the way you deliver assessments

Digitise and streamline your entire exam and testing experience with our multi-award winning online assessment solutions. Centralise and streamline your entire assessment delivery experience designed for large scale assessment for K-12, Higher Ed or commercial certification testing.

Trusted by educators and governments around the world, Janison Insights brings together the industry’s best cloud technology with a powerful suite of end-to-end tools to let you author, deliver and mark assessments for thousands to millions of test-takers.


Speed up the exam process. Create and set up exams in as little as 30 minutes. Mark and deliver results within 24 hours.


Level the playing field by delivering a consistent, controlled exam experience for each candidate. Ensure fairness with real-time quality checks on marking teams.


Run exams uninterrupted, regardless of internet drop-outs or slow-downs, using our award-winning delivery application Janison Replay


Let your subject matter take centre stage with a user interface that’s intuitive, easy and engaging. Create media-rich item types and bring assessments to life.


Know your data is protected by the enterprise-grade security of Microsoft Azure. Submissions can't be lost, misplaced or tampered with – and every touch point is recorded by an audit trail.


Make valuable teaching decisions informed in real-time with actionable analytics. Drive education outcomes with the ability to pinpoint students’ areas for improvement and extra focus.

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