Copyleaks is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Powered Plagiarism Detection Platform. Detect plagiarism, paraphrased content, and non-verbatim text in 100+ languages. Go beyond checking word-for-word plagiarism and identify if the meaning of the text is plagiarized using sophisticated algorithms and advanced technology.

Copyleaks’ proprietary technology makes in-depth searches across billions of online sources and licensed databases to detect instances of plagiarism, allowing educational institutions to stay protected against plagiarism in high volumes.

Copyleaks is designed for K-12, Higher Ed, and Enterprise. 

Copyleaks can be easily integrated into the major learning management systems via LTI integration, including Brightspace.

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Of the many plagiarism detection solutions, Copyleaks offers a platform for universities to scan work for plagiarism. Learn more about how AI and Machine Learning are being utilized to analyze papers for plagiarism against billions of webpages and private databases online...

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