Does the design of your institution’s curricula and courses seem to get more complex each year? Are there always new administrative requirements that require coordination and additional personnel?

Is there a lack of reliable and detailed records regarding students’ learning outcomes that would be of enormous help in guiding and improving the educational offering?


uAssessment provides rapid and straightforward design of curricula and course programs and facilitates the collection of data regarding student learning outcomes. More importantly, it contributes to a significant improvement in the design and monitoring of curricula, yielding considerable benefits to institutions:

  1. Improved quality of educational offering
  2. Improved implementation of competency-based training
  3. Improved labor market alignment
  4. Greater flexibility of study plan
  5. More straightforward accreditation


Additional Materials

Today, HEI need to be able to cover many different angles simultaneously, putting in place high-level goals for programs and measuring them using precise indicators. u-improve helps Institutions to incorporate and manage competency models, whether to comply with promises made to their students regarding the graduate profile of each program, or in order to focus on accreditation.u-improve assists in the tracking of learning outcomes, leading to more informed decisions concerning program structure at different levels (macro-, meso- and microcurricular) and ultimately yielding optimal outcomes for the education community.

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