Dynamic Content Curation by Anders Pink

You want to keep your learners up to date on the latest developments. Every day, thousands of articles are published across the web on the topics that are relevant. But nobody has the time to scan them all, share the best links, and keep doing that every day, for all your audiences. 

With Anders Pink, you don’t have to. We’ve made content curation easy, automatic, and fully integrated with Brightspace. 

Why curate with Anders Pink in Brightspace? 

  1. Complete control


Curate content on any topic, from any public sites and sources across the web. Instructors and Admins can create briefings (content feeds) with a combination of topics, keywords, sites and sources, e.g.

Top tips and strategies for sales teams from selected business sites.

Latest leadership insights on building resilience and managing change 


Make a briefing on anything you want. Choose from your preferred sites and sources, or get content from thousands of carefully selected sources. Adjust it any time, in 7 languages. 

Get started fast: Choose from over 150 pre-defined briefings on the most popular business topics for learning, including leadership, sales, HR and compliance.

  1. Automated updates 


Your curated briefings update in Brightspace automatically, refreshing every day. . No more checking multiple sites and sources every day - it’s all updated in one place. You can also select specific articles and manually curate content for a specific audience or need.  

  1. Easy Integration with Brightspace


It’s simple to push a live briefing or curated set of articles from Anders Pink to Brightwave. We’ve built an app using the “Insert Stuff’ functionality. All you need is an account on the Anders Pink app, a key from us, and you’re all set to go. 

  • Add trending content to a course to keep it fresh, automatically. Your leadership course can automatically display the top articles posted from trusted business sites today, or over whatever time period you want. 
  • Add selected articles to a course as pre or post-assignments 
  • Add fresh content into discussion forums to read, discuss and comment on  

Find out more at https://anderspink.com/partners/d2l

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