Academy Attendance

Academy Attendance helps you to easily and efficiently take care of all tasks related to attendance at one central location while simultaneously improving student success, providing insight into student behavior, and increasing student engagement.

We offer multiple registration methods which can be used interchangeably within a program so that for each type of class the right type of registration method can be used. For example, in a small tutorial registration via a digital attendance list is often preferred whereas during a large lecture, registration via a code is a more efficient and suitable option.

A common problem with student attendance is that the administrative processes are messy and take a lot of time. We have taken care of this by automatically processing all attendance data into well-arranged overviews and analytics where each stakeholder can view the data which is relevant for them. This means that a student only sees his or her attendance record and a teacher will only see overviews from students and classes he or she teaches.

Academy Attendance also helps you take care of all attendance-related communication. With our notification system, you can automatically send notifications to the right stakeholders. For example, when a student misses a class, the student will receive a notification stating that he/she was absent and what the consequences are. As an organization, you can decide on which notifications you want to send and what its content should be. 

In order to further increase student engagement, it is possible to let students provide feedback on the class right after they have confirmed their attendance. By integrating student feedback with attendance taking, response rates are significantly higher than course evaluations by mail. Furthermore, since the feedback is given during the class, it is possible to proactively improve the educational quality during the educational period itself.  


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