Destiny One by Modern Campus

There are three primary factors that contribute to Destiny One becoming the #1 solution to manage the business of non-traditional education.

First, it’s a single platform to manage all non-traditional offerings - Destiny One was born out of the need for Colleges and Universities to manage and grow their non-traditional offerings, whether that is continuing education, workforce development, corporate partnerships, or conferences.

Second, unlike first-generation, one-size-fits-all SIS’s that are not equipped for the unique requirements of continuing ed and workforce development, Destiny One ensures every CE student’s digital experience mirrors the highly personalized, instant-delivery expectations that companies like Amazon create. 

And third, Destiny One delivers a lifelong learning environment tailored to each student, so that modern institutions can deliver an innovative digital experience that engage learners for life.

Destiny One integrates with D2L Brightspace.

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