Scaffold Migration

How does Scaffold Migration work?

Scaffold Migration extracts all of your content from your current learning management system and quickly moves it over to your new platform. Along the way, you can take the opportunity to edit, update, and improve your courses with our easy-to-use exception log and Scaffold Designer software. Moving content across platforms has never been this simple.


Automate the course migration process

With state-of-the-art automation technology, you can migrate your courses to another LMS platform quickly and easily. Say “goodbye” to traditional, manual, cut-and-paste options.

  • Ensures proper display and availability of content
  • Easily transfers course content regardless of coding type—script tags, iframe, etc.


Accelerate speed-of-delivery

With an average speed of about 5,000-course migrations per week, you can expect to transfer most of your courses to your new LMS in mere days or weeks.

  • Saves time, giving staff & faculty the ability to focus energy on students and academics
  • Demonstrates the efficiency and efficacy of an administrative team leading the migration initiative

Deliver ready-to-teach courses

The QA features within Scaffold Migration ensure the accurate transfer of courses to your new LMS system. Content arrives accurately and maintains its full integrity.

  • Provides faculty with the assurance they need to begin teaching in the new LMS quickly
  • Eliminates the headache of needing to rebuild courses

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