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Mercer | Mettl online proctoring and anti-cheating solutions empowers organizations and educational institutes to conduct credible online exams through complete cheating-prevention. We provide the full range of anti-cheating tools. 

  • Our facial recognition technology and a 3-point candidate authentication system ensures that the right student is taking the exam. 
  • Our lockdown browser sanitizes the exam environment by disabling additional browsers, tabs, search engines, etc. The test is launched in Kiosk/ Lockdown mode, wherein additional actions are disabled and navigation is restricted. 
  • Our AI-powered suite of proctoring tools ensures maximum cheating prevention with a full range of proctoring technologies: 
  • Auto proctoring technology uses students' webcam, and microphone feeds for auto- invigilation. It raises flags highlighting various instances of suspicious activities with utmost accuracy. 
  • Human assisted live proctoring for high-stakes exams through our team of readily available expert human proctors. We provide 1-to-1 and 1-to-many proctoring solutions. 
  • Record and review proctoring is best suited for low-stakes exams. Proctors review the recorded video feed of students and ascertain the flags generated by the AI bot (AI engine) at their convenience. 


Key features that distinguish us from competitors 

Mercer | Mettl is the only Indian proctoring provider to feature in Gartner’s ‘Leader’s category.’ The following features make our solutions world-class: 

  • Proctoring Prowess: Our industry-leading AI bot flags 18+ suspicious cases with more than 98% accuracy. 
  • Innovation: We continuously build innovative proctoring tools in our AI lab; the latest being Impersonation detection, that accurately identifies if the correct person is giving the exam 
  • All-in-one system: Apart from proctoring, we provide end-to-end exam management, wherein organizations can conduct, proctor, and evaluate exam, all on one system. 
  • Instant Integration: Our proctoring tools can be integrated with D2L Brightspace in a click of a button. 
  • Complete visibility: We provide complete visibility of exam drives and proctoring quality to leadership using the Super Proctor feature. 


Additional critical features 

The following critical features make Mercer | Mettl the most sought-after proctoring and assessments partner: 

  • Data Security: Stringent data security protocols, including GDPR compliance. 
  • Low Bandwidth Requirement: The ability to work with internet bandwidth as low as 512 kbps, making it accessible to areas with poor internet services 
  • Global System: Support for 20+ languages and across 90+ countries. 
  • Scalability: We work at unmatched scale; we recently conducted 200,000 proctored assessments in a day 
  • Client Support: 24*7 support for our clients. 


Instant Integration 

Our proctoring tools can be integrated with D2L Brightspace with a click of a button, using a technology called SecureProctor

Mercer | Mettl SecureProctor is a state-of-the-art, proctoring service that helps organizations conduct secure online exams within their LMSs, through click of a button integration. 

We provide two kinds of integrations based on customizability requirements: 

  • LTI-based integration: Connect within minutes to most popular LTI Compliant Systems including D2L Brightspace using Chrome Plugin. 
  • Deep Proctoring Integration: Enable full customization with deep integration using our REST APIs. 

The integration offers seamless experience to examiners and candidates: 

For examiners: 

  • Easy Click-of-a-button Setup - No Training Required 
  • Simple, Seamless and Intuitive Experience 


For examinees: 

  • No extra steps; auto-login through the LMS 
  • No need to learn new software 



We have tested approximately 30 million+ students for 6,000+ clients. Leading academic institutions such as IIM Bangalore, Miami Dade College (The USA), The Washington Center (The USA), PIP UNPAD (Indonesia), Ghent University (South Korea), etc., trust us with their online exam requirements. 


  • “We sought an efficient platform for our entrance and end-semester examinations when faced with the pandemic and lockdown. Mercer | Mettl, with its host of solutions and openness to adapt to our requirements, met our expectations that smoothened the transition to online examinations.”- Dr Anil Joseph Pinto, Registrar, CHRIST University, Bangalore  


  • “We want to be prepared to address all our students’ needs and concerns. Now that we have used Mercer | Mettl, we will undoubtedly continue to use its platform for the rest of eternity because of our great experience.”- Raphael Beuthner CIO, EBZ Business School, Germany 

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