ProjectBoard is an online platform for students and makers alike to present their ideas to our STEM community.

From Hackathons to school science fairs to international engineering exhibitions, ProjectBoard has it all. It’s ease of use and clear instructions make it the perfect place for any want-to-be scientist of any age.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Students can comment on other students' projects as well as surf around to find inspiration to start their own projects. 
  • ProjectBoard has many templates available to help guide the structure of the project as well as to help get the ideas flowing. 
  • Extensive groundwork in software development has gone into the project design, display and engagement tools for users. As a result of this, students are able to upload projects themselves and interact with others viewing their project.
  • The site is intuitive for students and youth. It uses functionality drawn from other popular sites. For example, the project browsing experience mimics that of a “Netflix'' style scrolling, while the project viewing experience is similar to Instagram’s “gridview”. 
  • ProjectBoard creates a highly interactive environment, where students can interact with event viewers directly in their project. Projects can be liked, shared and bookmarked. Viewers can leave comments to ask questions on particular sections, provide encouragement or valuable feedback.

In addition to fairs like ISEF & CWSF, ProjectBoard is as much about spotlighting the final product as it is celebrating the project process itself. And because of that, ProjectBoard supports Corporations, Maker Organizations, Education and other project-based groups that need a place to collaborate, document and share projects online.

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