Translated by native Spanish speakers, the modules feature curriculum-related content in a format that actively engages the learner. Designed to support English-language learners, bilingual classrooms, and students learning Spanish. Additional languages coming soon.
For English or Spanish language learners. Great for bilingual and dual-language immersion schools.


FactCite 1 2 3

Topics include animals, earth science, biography, landmarks, biomes, elements, mythology, countries,
states, the planets, simple machines, and health. New topics added yearly. A “Step Up to a Reading
Challenge” feature links to articles on the same topic at the next reading level (subscription to those
databases required). For grades 1 to 3.

Biography for Beginners

More than 800 biographies. Based on the acclaimed Biography for Beginners print series. Includes
narrative histories, glossaries, timelines, and illustrations, in one easy-to-search database. Lexile measures index. Includes a read-along feature to help striving readers reach their potential.
For grades 3 to 7, but also appropriate for striving readers in higher grades.


Essential Biographies

More than 10,000 biographies of famous people from around the world. More
than 2,000 illustrations. Includes short dictionary-type entries on minor figures and
2000 to 6000 word illustrated entries on the more heavily researched people. This
collection includes SPORTS CHAMPIONS (700+ profiles) and SHAPERS OF SOCIETY
(101 profiles). For grades 4 and up.


World Mythology

Tales of 760 Greek & Roman gods, goddesses, heroes, places, and events. A multidisciplinary approach
connects mythology to art, music, science, literature, and language (word histories and modern usage).
Includes hundreds of articles on World Mythology (Hindu, Norse, Chinese, Native American, etc.).
For grades 4 to 12. Includes an Easy Reading feature for even younger readers.

American History

More than 6,000 illustrated articles on people, places, and events in American history. Includes eras in
American history, American Indians, U.S. states, the presidents, and much more.
For grades 4 and up.


Defining Moments in U.S. History

Includes all 30+ volumes of the acclaimed Defining Moments series from Omnigraphics. Offers in-depth
reviews of “moments” that changed the nation and the world. Students will find narrative overviews,
primary source documents, more than 1,000 images, biographies, timelines, and glossaries.
Ideal for middle- and high-school social studies and history projects.


Milestone Documents

More than 1,500 of the most-studied primary source documents from U.S. and world history, accompanied by in-depth commentary and analysis from experts, and supported with essay questions, quizzes, and supplemental text.
For grades 8 and up.

Science & Technology

More than 1,000 articles and hundreds of images on core K-12 STEM topics: planets, elements, plants,
animals, biomes, and more.
For grades 4 and up.

Countries & Cultures

Profiles on the countries of the world. Includes extended histories, fast facts, images, economics,
foreign affairs, daily life and culture. Also includes a curated list of websites for each country to
aid students in their research. Introductory material is appropriate for students in grades 4 and up.
More detailed information appeals to students in higher grades. Supports Model UN.


Essential Information

A go-to source since 1924, now in its 44th print edition. Language, literature, the arts, social science,
philosophy, religion, engineering, business, and law. Designed for upper middle school students to
adult learners.

Additional Materials

An overview of FactCite and the different databases in Spanish.
An overview of FactCite and the different databases.

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