StrikePlagiarism is the owner of the system and was founded in 2002. Due to wide Internet access, the copy-paste method, as well as various companies writing dissertations in the form of a "ghost-writer" or contract cheating (dissertation mills) have become a global phenomenon and a serious threat to the quality of modern education and science.


  • Similarity report. We have created a similarity report, which most conveniently shows the content of the text in the source, which fragments were copied from the source, with the ability to intuitively navigate through the text and conveniently analyze large fragments.
  • Cross-check Assignments. Cross-checking Mode is a unique tool developed by's team, it raises attention of both students and teachers to the copy-paste habit, simplifies evaluation process of a big number of student papers within Assignment. Cross-check Assignments against each other while they were not yet added to the database. Find similarities in the Assignment for a group of papers.
  • Text manipulation. The system detects different forms of text manipulations being highly resistive to copy-paste, cheating and ghostwriting. Similarity report displays characters from another alphabet, spreads, microspaces and white characters.
  • Feedback system. Our feedback system is a communication and collaboration option for students and teachers. Leave your comments, add score, send document to the student, and let the student resubmit a new version of the document. All this is now easier with a feedback system.
  • Search for translated plagiarism. The system has an option of search for similarities in translated texts. You can check texts with more than 100 different language combinations and supports English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and many other languages. This tool helps to prevent translated plagiarism.
  • Paraphase. System recognizes manipulations with text fragments in the form of changing the order of words, adding or removing words, replacing words with synonyms, being translated.
  • Support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day as our offices are in different time zones, from Australia to America. You can contact us via email and phone. We speak 7 languages, including English, Spanish and German.


Search in the Internet open sources

Our system searches for similarities among billions of documents available in open sources. The system recognizes more than 200 languages and uses unique index.

Search in the Global Database of the universities and the publishing houses

The database available to includes scientific and student papers. has an extensive database of papers written in many languages. The internal database and personal data are protected in accordance with the GDPR, the server of our company is located in the EU.

Search in the RefBooks database

The RefBooks is's scientific database containing millions of theses, publications, student papers, scientific journals and other types of documents in over 30 languages, including English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic etc. This database includes documents published also in Scopus, Web of Science, Springer, EBSCO etc. This database is used by universities, publishers and other institutions for plagiarism analysis.

Installation at the client's server

You can install our external module at your server and keep original documents including other non-text parts of the papers uploaded for verification at your server.

Additional Materials

The main advantages of our system.

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