Remark Test Grading

Remark Test Grading Cloud allows busy instructors to quickly create and grade tests in the cloud so they can get more accomplished with less. With just a few clicks of the mouse, instructors can create an online test or a printable test answer sheet to be distributed to their students.

Links to online tests are emailed directly to students for completion. Once the completed tests are submitted they are automatically graded using the answer key provided by the instructor.

For printed tests, copies are printed for every student (personalized or generic). Completed tests are scanned, graded according to the answer key they provide, and meaningful reports are provided.

The D2L Connector for Remark Test Grading simplifies the interaction between these two systems by allowing instructors to pull class rosters and tests from D2L Brightspace, process them in Remark Test Grading, and then automatically sync the grades back into the D2L Brightspace gradebook. Grading tests with D2L Brightspace and Remark Test Grading is a snap with this powerful tool.

Remark Test Grading Cloud offers the utmost in ease of use, flexibility, and cost savings.

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